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So I just watched arrow season 2x11 and it brought something to my attention that I had previously not really considered.

Sara and Oliver’s relationship was typically shot down by most people (including myself here) because Sara is Laurel’s (the claimed love of Oliver’s…

So this for the person who commented last ^ The reason Laurel called her dad to shut down the party wasn’t because her little sister had sneaked out, it was because Laurel liked Oliver and she didn’t want her little sister and him getting together at that party. Those are two very different situations. Also, I think what thecountryhipster is trying to say is that back then, EVERYONE loved Laurel, she was considered the “perfect girl/generous/etc”, mind you I am a Laurel fan, but that shows a bit of Laurels dark side. She took the opportunity away from Sara who also liked Oliver. (Now don’t even get me started on Oliver cause he’s annoying af in the past.) BACK THEN, everyone saw Laurel as perfect but she was not. And I am alost 99.9% positive Oliver’s blindspot was Laurel, I think even the writers or someone tweeted about it? Not sure tho. The city wasn’t Oliver’s blind spot. And even in the episode where Oliver has to choose between Diggles life and Laurel’s mild threat, he chose Laurel’s mild threat, and Diggle addresses that. (You should probably go watch that episode….) Oliver did a lot of stupid things and productive things in terms of the Arrow helping her, but it always came down to Laurel.

Hm, yeah, no.

That doesn’t fly since Sara wasn’t there when Laurel told her dad. I mean, are we really going to take the word of Sara, who snuck off to screw her sister’s boyfriend even after she herself was calling Oliver a dog to that sister? Are we really going to believe Sara, who in the canon comic books had a habit of kissing on the boyfriend’s of other girls, didn’t know Laurel didn’t have feelings for Oliver too? But that didn’t stop Sara from trying to get there first, did it?

All that said, as far as I’m concerned, considering Oliver was so drunk he didn’t even remember the party,Sara should have been thanking Laurel since she saved her the embarrassment of trying to score Oliver when he would never have remembered it the next day.

Also… oh my gosh, Laurel totally has a dark side. She told on her sister when her sister tried to get Oliver. That’s totally equal to cheating on your girlfriend with her sister, cheating with your sister’s boyfriend and then becoming masked assassins. Sorry for the sarcasm but… no. Let’s say I accept Laurel was devious when it came to getting with Oliver. It still does not justify Sara and Oliver’s subsequent behavior. 

Also… I think it’s ironic you used the term “minor" to describe Laurel’s threat considering the life of an eight year-old boy was on the line.

I’m just befuddle that you think Diggle’s “threat”, which was actually an attempted sting operation conducted by ARGUS where the only reason anyone’s life was on the line was because they put themselves in that position, was so much more important than the lives of Taylor Moore, Tommy, Laurel, Thea, Moira and countless bodyguards and Queen Mansion staff.

You misunderstood me regarding the “blind spot”. Laurel was the blind spot but my point was, Oliver realizing it and putting the city first was the important thing he had to learn. The city had to come first. Hence why he was willing to leave Laurel and put Felicity in a life threatening situation to put a stop to Slade. 

The simple fact is, OP did have it right when she said the writers threw that little tidbit about Laurel telling on Sara in just to try to make it somehow okay that they went there with Sara and Oliver again. For most people, it didn’t make it okay and it was such an obvious, bad attempt at justifying Oliver and Sara screwing again and then rubbing it in Laurel’s face during the middle of her breakdown later on that it was painful, especially considering they built it up in the episode teasers to be some earth-shattering secret and it amounted to soap opera melodrama on the level of 90210. 

Good post!


Oliver’s relationships on “Arrow”


Reposting something I wrote about Oliver’s relationships which ties in with the question of mature relationships on “Arrow”. It’s a reply to another post.

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I have been wondering something. Is this Olicity thing sincere? Is it really meant to go somewhere? Is Felicity really supposed to be his Lois(or Lana)?

Or is it just a romance that won’t last and Felicity just a girl Oliver needs right now and thinks he’s in…

Oh they compare her to Chloe because she was a geek. It’s funny because she ends up marrying Oliver Queen LOL.

I dont see Felicity and Chloe as being similar, especially in their relationship with Oliver/Clark. And I definitely don’t think that Felicity is Oliver’s Lois. Lois(at least in smallville) was never a fangirl who drooled over Clark or the blur(well she did fancy the blur but not in a fangirl obsessive way, she even dated Clark before knowing he was the blur). IMO, Lois was very independent, strong, and a million other things I won’t bore you with, and Felicity is just none of these things. IMO. To me she’s more like Lana, a woman who kinda put Clark on his path, who believed in him when he was just starting to find himself, a woman he thought he loved and opened up to, but who was just there like Felicity, to give him what he needed at the time, but definitely not the one who will follow and support him for the rest of their lives. She could have been, but she won’t. Not considering how she’s written.

Good points!

I wouldnt even compare her to Lana. Granted Lana was kinda useless in later seasons because they wanted to keep her in the show. On popular demand as far as i know..

Lana had her own agenda in many episodes, reaching from finding her real Father, to taking Revenge on Lex Luthor for cruelty pulling her and Clark apart.

Same with chloe who always had something on her own to do, Be it the torch, Isis, a story etc.etc. 

I would probably compare Felicity to Krypto…Yeah the dog. He was just there being loyal and cute.

What a waste though. Felicity is smart, she’s kind and kinda funny and she can be a badass too, she’s not afraid to stand up to Oliver when she feels it’s appropriate. She’s a great character, or at least she could have been, if she had not been turned into a fangirl who drools over Oliver’s cock.

I used to think that she was a bit like Chloe in that regard, a fangirl, but Chloe was actually a teenager when she was fangirling over Clark and she evolved pretty quickly.

I’m still waiting to see that with Felicity, which will probably happens once they’re done with the pandering.

And actually I think they’re trying to break the ” player” image Oliver has and turn him into a romantic sincere guy, probably because Stephen Amell doesn’t like that side of the character, but it’s not gonna work. Oliver is a womanizer like Batman and they already took his money away, so what’s left now? A whinny little boy who’s in love with  a woman he can’t have?

It’s ridiculous. He’s been in love in the past, with women who were better matches and it never worked, same is gonna happen with Felicity.

Good points!

You pointed out that while Chloe actually was a Teenager.Many people hated on smallville and called it something like “Superheroes meets Dawsons Creek” or something.

But in hindsight.. that helped the show A LOT. Yes they had cheesy Teenage drama..but then again thats High School. You have those teenagers who are desperate in love, you have the awkward moments etc etc. It would have been quite unnatural to just ignore that.

And thats where the “Romance” fails for many people in Arrow, i think.

They want Teenage Drama with Adult People. And that is just..weird. Just look at the fandoms. Most people who Ship Felicity and Oliver are teenage Girls. And those tend to try to find people they can Relate to, or identify with.

While in Smallville that was understandable and logical, yes a part of the Characters, in Arrow it leads to weird character changes that seem more then forced most the time.

You have those people who are adults, know where they stand in life..and then they behave like they are 17 Years old and just discovered that the other sex is suddenly interesting.

Thats also a reason why the “Oliver is not a “Player”” thing is so weird. You spend 2 seasons telling us he is a Womenizer…and now, for no real reason, he suddenly changes?…

Last year he told Felicity to shut up about him banging Isabel..And now he is totally in love with her?…What?..

Furthermore i dont think Stephen Amell has grasped that Oliver Queen is not a “Player” but a Ladies Man (at least in the comics). There is a difference i think.

Being that the “Player” does not care for the Women he sleeps with. 

Sure oliver was like that at the beginning but at least the Time on the island, changed his views on Human Companionship. The Second big Change came Dinah Lance and later the marriage.

From that point on Oliver was still flirting and seductive..But he never actively tried to cheat on his wife (as far as i know). 

I hope thats what Arrow tries to do now: The Shift from this Oliver who just tries to get laid, to an Oliver who Values women and interacts with them playfully, without trying to just get a new cut in bed post.






John Mulaney | The Salt & Pepper Diner



This is one of the best pieces of comedy that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I love this. I have been looking for this online for awhile.



Anybody else cry when the yawn?

I guess it’s just me

No I do too!

Mulder, the truth is out there, but so are lies.


Jesus Fucking Christ! Does it EVER end???And then some peeps still maintain that the CW/producers don’t pander to the O/licity fandom!

If they pander to the shippers on the actual show as much as they do on twitter the ratings are gonna drop and I cant wait to see that!

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I have been wondering something. Is this Olicity thing sincere? Is it really meant to go somewhere? Is Felicity really supposed to be his Lois(or Lana)?

Or is it just a romance that won’t last and Felicity just a girl Oliver needs right now and thinks he’s in…

I meant the show called “lois and clark the new adventures of superman” with teri hatcher as lois lane and dean cain as clark kent!
i loved that show and that version of lois!




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The Doctor comes? 

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